Cuisinart Elemental 13-Cup Food Processor with Spiralizer & Dicer

Meet the ultimate kitchen prep center – this innovative multitasker is Cuisinart’s most versatile machine yet. In addition to attachments for chopping, slicing, shredding, kneading, blending and pureeing, it comes with both a dicer and spiralizer kit that let you create all sorts of intricate cuts – from perfect little squares to gorgeous ribbons and spirals.


Recipe Booklet
There are many versions of this recipe, but ours is pretty close to the classic. If you would prefer not to use raw egg yolks, use an egg substitute.

2 Garlic Cloves, Peeled
6 Anchovy Fillets
2 Large Egg Yolks
2 Teaspoons Dijon Mustard
4 Teaspoons Fresh Lemon Juice
4 Teaspoons Red Wine Vinegar
2 Teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
½ Teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper
2⁄3 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(1.) Insert the chopping blade into the work bowl of the food processor. With the machine running on High, drop the garlic down the feed tube and process until finely chopped. Add the anchovies, egg yolks, mustard, lemon juice, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and pepper to the work bowl. Process on High until well blended.
(2.) With the machine running on Low, slowly pour the olive oil through the drizzle hole in the pusher until the dressing is emulsified, about 30 seconds.


Cuisinart Elemental 13-Cup Food Processor with Spiralizer & Dicer

  • Expands your culinary creativity:
    • Precise dicing and spiralizing
    • Along with standard food processor functions
    • Including chopping, slicing, pureeing and shredding
  • For spiralizing:
    • Processor includes ribbon and spaghetti-cut blades
    • Transform vegetables into colorful garnishes or healthy low-carb “noodles”
  • Work Bowls:
    • 13 cup large work bowl
    • 4 cup smaller, inner nested work bowl
  • Exclusive patent-pending SealTight™ Advantage system:
    • Seals bowl and locks the blade
  • Supreme® wide-mouth feed tube:
    • Accommodates whole fruits and vegetables
    • Small, medium, and large pushers
  • Patented BladeLock system:
    • Adjustable slicing disc (0-7mm)
    • Stainless steel chopping/mixing/dough blade
    • Reversible shredding disc – medium to fine
  • Electronic touchpad controls:
    • High/Low/Off/Pulse
    • Illuminating blue LED lights
  • Accessory storage case
  • BPA free
  • Spiralizer Demo Video


  • Material: plastic, stainless steel
  • Power: 550 watt peak power motor
  • Care:
    • Removable parts are top-rack dishwasher safe
    • Wipe base clean with a damp cloth.
    • Avoid harsh detergents and abrasive cleansers
  • Dimensions: 16 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 8" inches
  • Weight: 21.20 pounds
  • Color: gunmetal

What’s Included?

  • 1x Cuisinart Elemental 13-Cup Food Processor with Spiralizer & Dicer
    • 1x 13-cup work bowl
    • 1x 4-cup work bowl
    • 1x Work bowl cover with wide-mouth feed tube
    • 1x Dough blade
    • 1x Large chopping/mixing blade
    • 1x Adjustable slicing disc (0-7mm)
    • 1x Reversible shredding disc (fine/medium)
    • 1x Dicing Kit with 10mm grid plus cleaning tool
    • 1x Spiralizer Kit
    • 1x Stem adapter
    • 1x Spatula
    • 1x Accessory storage case
    • 1x Base
  • 1x Manual

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