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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I understanding this right? Is shipping $5 once or $2 for a whole month?

Right, with membership you pay $2 to join and can cancel anytime. Membership renews monthly at $2. We’re offering this so you’ll try out membership and participate with other fans in this community.

Is this one of those clubs I have to call to cancel? Will you try to talk me out of it?

No, we don’t treat our fans that way. We make it easy to cancel anytime. We even waive your partial month’s fees if you choose to cancel.

I see other sites are run by the same company like & other storefronts -- if I join here, do I get benefits there?

No. Your $2/month membership is local to this site only. There may be a universal membership option later.

Are there any other stipulations I should know about?

The full membership agreement may be viewed here.

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