Exclusive 5-Piece Yoga Set by Gaiam

Includes a Yoga Block, Yoga Mat, Grip Socks, Mat Carrying-Sling and Meditation for Beginners DVD or Calorie Killer DVD.


  • Available in Aqua Plume, Granite Point, and Midnight Capri mat patterns
  • Choose between a Yoga Meditation DVD or a Calorie Killer DVD
  • Sling color may vary between Fuschia, Blue, Gray, or Mulberry


  • This one simple kit can jump-start any yoga practice
  • Our 3mm mats work together with our matching yoga blocks to give you cushioned support while helping you extend and deepen stretches, improve balance and alignment, and hold the proper posture longer
  • Kit includes a yoga mat and matching yoga block
  • Thick mat with textured, non-slip surface
  • Foam block for stretching, balance, posture, and alignment


  • Sling color may vary between Fuschia, Blue, Gray, or Mulberry
  • Throw your bag on your back before you head out the door or hop on your bike with this easy-to-use adjustable yoga mat sling
  • Your mat will be safe & secure and you’ll be hands-free!
  • Durable carrying strap for your yoga mat
  • Metal D-ring sliders ensure that your mat is secure
  • Lightweight design
  • Measurements: 35½"L x 1"W
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash. Dry flat
  • How to Use Video


  • If you’re wearing socks in class, they gotta be grippy. Why not make them strappy, too?
  • The tops of our yoga socks sport a stylish strappiness while the bottoms feature a strong silicone grip to provide traction and stability with or without a mat
  • The open-toe design lets you spread your toes for a more grounded movement
  • Open-toed for tactile feel in poses
  • Silicone grip for non-slip surface anywhere
  • Use with or without a mat
  • Enhances balance and stability

Meditation For Beginners DVD With Maritza

  • Take an inward journey of self-discovery as you follow this beginner’s meditation practice with certified lyengar yoga instructor, Maritza
  • You will be guided through three step-by-step 20-minute programs to practice mindfulness
  • So you can calm and center yourself, including a yoga practice that will prepare your body, mind, and attention for the two guided relaxation and meditation sessions


  • Award-winning yoga instructor Colleen Saidman leads five energizing practices to increase your metabolism, strength, flexibility, balance, and focus on all keys to maintaining a healthy mind and body
  • Each practice builds to the next, increasing the cardio challenge as you progress
    • Led by award-winning yoga instructor Colleen Saidman
    • Incorporates yoga poses into your workout to torch calories
    • Progressive design consistently challenges your practice
    • Increase metabolism, strength, flexibility, balance, & focus
    • Maintain a healthy body and mind
    • Modifications to increase the cardio challenge as you progress
    • Features five energizing practices
    • Approximate Total Run Time: 105 minutes

Included In The Box

  • 1x Yoga Block
  • 1x Yoga Mat
  • 1x Pair Grip Socks
  • 1x Carrying-Strap (sling-style)
  • 1x Calorie Killer Yoga DVD or Mediation DVD


90 days

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