6-pack: "Silky & Satin" Hair Ribbon Collection

A perfectly wrapped gift is nothing without a bow on top. The same can be said for your hair-do. Put the bow on your hairstyle with this Silky & Satin Hair Ribbon Collection.


Silky Hair Ribbons

  • Classic silky bow for an elegant, cute look
  • Elastic band for easy use

Satin Hair Ribbons

  • Perfect ease of a scrunchie combined with the breezy look of a hair scarf
  • Tie it into a bow or let it hang, however you’re feeling that day!

Included in the Box

  • 1x Green Silky Elastic Hair Ribbon
  • 1x Black Silky Elastic Hair Ribbon
  • 1x Burgundy Satin Hair Ribbon
  • 1x Black Satin Hair Ribbon
  • 1x Pink Silky Elastic Hair Ribbon
  • 1x Navy Silky Elastic Hair Ribbon


90 days

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