12-pack: "Living in Technicolor" Hair Clip Variety Pack

Life in color, it’s best lived that way. Add color to your life with this deliciously vibrant “Living in Technicolor” Hair Clip Variety Pack.


Multicolored Stone Hair Clips

  • Deliciously colored, oversized crystals in all the hues of the rainbow
  • Wear for a trendy glam look
  • Easy to accessorize, great for any look

Multi-Pink and Silver-Pink Hair Clips

  • Perfect for any glam look
  • Pair with a ponytail or blowout
  • Mix and layer for effortlessly cool hair styling

Included in the Box

  • 4x Multicolored Stone Hair Clips
  • 4x Multi-Pink Hair Clips
  • 4x Silver-Pink Hair Clips


90 days

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