16-Pack: Debbie Meyer's EZ Kleen'r Blocks

Debbie Meyer’s EZ Kleen’r blocks will help you power through cleaning many surfaces without detergents or other cleaners. Just dampen thoroughly with water, squeeze out excess moisture, and you can easily and gently clean the dirt, scuffs, grime, marks, soap scum, etc. from both smooth and textured surfaces.


  • Use gently on painted surfaces test on inconspicuous area
  • Will slowly decrease in size with use
  • Do not use with bleach or bleach products
  • Try on:
    • Shower doors, tiles, tubs, glass topped stoves,
    • Switch plates, coolers, sealed wood, irons
    • Tea stained cups, outdoor furniture, fingerprints,
    • Smudges and so much more without scrubbing
  • Just rinse with water and reuse

What’s Included?

  • 16x Debbie Meyer’s EZ Kleen’r blocks
  • 1x User instructions


90 days

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