Verisonix Pro DJ Monitoring Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones


  • World’s first Electrostatic speaker driver without the need of an individual amplifier yet still capable of offering sound with extreme clarity
  • True Hi-Res performance with a frequency response up to 50kHZ re-defining true colors of sound
  • The hybrid dual driver’s multi-tasking mechanism offers both clarities in sound and on-spot bass with minimum distortion
  • The ultra-thin patented Electrostatz® speaker provides the crisp and clear sound of the midrange and treble
    • Reproducing the cleanest and crisp mid-high frequency
    • Bringing out details and overtone sensations in high notes
    • Agility and fast response of B.A. and electrostatic drivers
  • The result is sparkling clarity, smooth and powerful bass, and perfectly combines the two speakers into balanced sound
  • The two drivers co-exist in harmony that resembles the tweeter and sub-woofer of a perfect sound balanced system
    • Strong and sturdy bass power from the dynamic driver
    • Dom type Dynamic Driver represents the frequency response from 5Hz-2kHz perfectly
  • Headphone styles available:
    • Verisonix N500
    • Verisonix I502B
    • Verisonix N100B

what’s included?

  • 1x Verisonix Pro DJ Monitoring Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones
  • 1x Audio cable
  • 1x Carrying case or bag


90 days

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