Entil Foot Spa Bath Massager With 6 Motorized Rollers


  • 6 Electric Massage Rollers & 3 Massage Modes:
    • The massage rollers of the foot bath are electric, you don’t need to roll your feet back and forth. You can get 3 different massage frequencies by simply pressing the “Massage” button. Press once for massage mode 1: A continuous and strong massage suitable for the grown-ups. Press twice for massage mode 2: Intermittent massage suitable for the elderly. Press three times for massage mode 3: Gentle massage suitable for children.
  • Upgraded Bubble & Vibration Function:
    • Oxygen bubbles will increase the air fluidity of the foot bath, making your feet have a more comfortable experience. The vibration mode will take care of your feet to a greater extent and help you relax your feet effectively. You can choose to use the bubble and vibration function at the same time, plus the electric massage rollers, foot massager will bring you an unparalleled experience.
  • Timing Function & Rapid Heating:
    • You can set your favorite foot bath water temperature and foot bath time, and customize the leisure foot bath time for you. The default timer is 30 minutes, and each press can increase 10 minutes. Temperature range setting: 95-118°F /35-48°C. Allows you to enjoy a comfortable foot bath after a tiring day, and foot spa massager will help health and sleep.
  • Pedicure Stone & Humanized Design:
    • A midline pedicure stone can help you remove calluses and dead skin on your feet. The design of the cover can effectively prevent the foot massager from generating dust. The practical handle allows you to lift the foot massager easily. The drain hole at the bottom can help you drain water easily. The large size design gives you more space to stretch your feet.
  • Safety Certification:
    • The footbath is the largest foot bath massager, and even the size 13 feet have plenty of space for stretching. This foot massager has obtained ETL certification, which provides protect for your safety. Foot bath massager is also a good choice as a warm and healthy gift for family and friends.

What’s Included?

  • 1x Entil Foot Spa Bath Massager With 6 Motorized Rollers


90 days

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