2-Pack: Bell + Howell Shoe Toe Ice Picks


  • Increase safety in icy weather with these handy shoe ice grippers
  • They are stretchable, antislip, and attach to your existing shoe
  • High-quality spikes provide excellent grip on slick surfaces which makes it easier to walk on slippery ice or snow
  • Each size is available in Black or Brown
  • Pink is only available in size Large
  • Sizing Information:
    • Small (Regular) fits
      • Children’s shoe size 2 and up
      • Women’s shoe size up to 8
      • Men’s shoe size up to 7.5
    • Large fits
      • Women’s shoe sizes 8.5 to 12
      • Men’s shoe sizes 8 to 13

what’s included?

  • 4x Shoe ice picks
  • 2x Hard cases
  • 2x Matching gift boxes
  • 2x Instructions


90 days

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