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Simply Smart Home Digital Picture Frame - 8" (Refurbished)

Photo Overload

Chances are, if your camera roll is loaded with memories of every waking moment, it’s probably slowing down more than your device. Digital clutter, just like physical clutter, can mess with your head and cause unnecessary stress. You don’t have to purge every photo to feel better, but organizing your albums and even displaying some of your favorites can really make a difference.

It’s hard to go through it all though. And printing them off, purchasing frames, and finding counter space to display everything can be absolutely overwhelming. You don’t need that, you just need a digital frame. This Simply Smart Home Digital Picture Frame is a beautiful wood grain that will look great anywhere in your home, without cluttering it up with even more stuff. Up to 5000 of your favorite photos will be right there for you to see, not just in a folder clogging up your phone or the cloud. It’s a beautiful thing, just like all of those memories.


  • Display all of your favorite pictures with just one frame, because photos are meant to be seen and shared
  • HD touchscreen display for a crisp view of your photos
  • 8GB internal memory to hold all of your favorite memories


  • PhotoShare Frame App - Send photos from phone to frames in seconds with the free PhotoShare Frame App. Simply select a frame, choose the photos you want to share, and Send!
  • HD touchscreen display - WiFi smart frame with HD touchscreen display brings photos to life with striking color and brilliance
  • Share your frame ID - Share your frame ID with all your friends and family so they can share memories in seconds from anywhere
  • Easy setup - Set-up is so easy, anyone can do it! Just plug in your frame, connect to WiFi, and download the app to share and enjoy your favorite memories
  • Send photos to friends and family - Send photos to friends and family in just two taps with the free PhotoShare Frame App (available for both iOS and Android)
  • Beautiful wood frame - Beautiful wood frame fits perfectly with your home décor. Customizable with included black and white mattes for 3 home décor styles in one
  • Multiple ways to share photos - Multiple ways to share photos! App, Email, from your PC, Facebook link, Google Photos, and more
  • Built-in light sensor - Built-in light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness to match the lighting in the room
  • Auto-rotate - Auto-rotate feature allows the frame to be displayed in landscape or portrait mode
  • Internal memory - Internal memory will hold over 5,000 high-resolution photos
  • This PhotoShare Friends and Family smart frame is refurbished and has passed stringent testing by Certified Technicians to ensure all components are in great working condition. This PhotoShare Friends and Family smart-frame has also undergone a detailed cosmetic renewal process and has then been placed in the safest packaging possible to ensure your PhotoShare Friends and Family smart-frame arrives at your door ready to rock.
  • Measures approximately - 10.31" x 1.1" x 7.31"
  • Weighs approximately - 1.66 lbs

What’s Included?

  • 1x Simply Smart Home Digitial Picture Frame - 8" in the color of your choice
    • Picture Frame
    • Power Cable


90 days

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