Aromachic Essential Oil Spray

Enhance your well-being and experience the aromatic scents of AromaChic by Spa de Soleil. The power behind these products lies in the use of pure essential oils and botanicals that will help revitalize and renew your body and soul. Merging only quality ingredients has led to significant innovations in facial, body and hair care. The result: an elegant, chic and natural way to achieve a healthy whole-body free from harsh chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients.


A cooling antiviral with peppermint undertones. It refreshes the senses and is widely used for treating a number of respiratory problems including cold, cough, running nose, sore throat, asthma, nasal congestion, bronchitis and sinusitis. It is also wonderful for muscular aches and when added to a cold compress it may help reduce fever.

Tea Tree

One of the most popular essential oils for its variety of uses. It can be applied to combat acne, oily skin, dry scalp, dandruff and a wide variety of other conditions. A true classic and a must have.


A nourishing astringent that’s great for blemishes associated with oily skin. It has rejuvenating properties and will naturally brighten and renew skin. Additionally, use as a massage oil to uplift emotions, improve circulation, and eliminate waste from cells.


A rich aromatic astringent which has a mild, calming effect. It gently tones and tightens the skin and may help treat acne, boils, and cysts. When used as a massage oil, it assists in soothing muscles and improving circulation. Great for individuals who work out regularly.


Helps calm, soothe, nourish and renew the skin due to its antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. May use on the skin to treat aging and breakouts. Also great for speeding up the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns, and sunburns.


A rich antioxidant with a soothing, light, and refreshing aroma. It gradually helps with skin cell regeneration, puffiness, inflammation, and reduces the signs of aging skin. Use immediately after cleansing the skin, as Sage Oil will help preserve and maintain moisture.


A mild astringent, helping to reduce excess oil in skin and hair. It can be applied to tone skin and treat acne, dermatitis, and eczema. It is also beneficial if applied to the scalp to stimulate the follicles and help treat premature hair loss.


  • 1 fl oz (30 mL)


90 days

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Monday, February 25th - Monday, March 4th

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