3-Pack: TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Devices

Lost keys? No problem. Find anything – even in the dark of night – with this super small, light, and bright Bluetooth® Pixel TrackR.

Available in Three Color Combinations:

  • Aqua|Purple|Pink
  • Red|White|Blue
  • Black|White|Gray

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Could be louder but I am just thankful to get it in after I thought it was lost in the mail forever.

Written by @Jamgee - August 1st 2020
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Super easy, peace of mind!

Love these! Took just a few minutes to add them to app and now I can be worry free. I am always misplacing my items and now I can find them lickety split.

Written by @cpbasco - May 31st 2020
Verified Purchase

It works just fine

Written by @Grobert1963 - April 14th 2020
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Loud Built-In Ringer - Tap the app to make your pixel ring loudly so you can hear where your stuff is hiding

LED Lights - Pixel doesn’t just ring, it also lights up so you can find what’s missing in a flash

Find Your Phone too - Ring your lost phone even when it’s on silent, just press the button on your TrackR Pixel

Ultra small and Lightweight, The size of a coin - Measuring in at just 1" x 1" x .2" inches, it will fit nearly anywhere, and it only weighs 4 grams

Crowd Locate - If your TrackR Pixel goes out of range, rely on the global network of TrackR app users to help you locate what’s lost

Replaceable Batteries with FREE Battery Replacement

  • Unlike other brands the TrackR Pixel allows you to change the battery (CR2016)
  • TrackR tells you when the battery is low. Order a free one right from the app


  1. DOWNLOAD & SYNC - Get the app and easily add your TrackR Pixel/s
  2. ATTACH - To keys, wallets, bags, remotes… you get the idea
  3. FIND - Tap the app to find what’s lost, or if you’ve misplaced your phone? Press pixel to make it ring even on silent mode


  • Diameter: 1.03 in
  • Thickness: 0.22 in (5.6mm)
  • Weight: 4 g (0.14 oz)
  • Battery Type: Replaceable CR2016
  • Volume: Up to 90 dB
  • Connectivity: BLE 4.0
  • Range: Bluetooth range, up to 100 feet. Obstacles such as walls or furniture may affect the range
  • Compatibility: iOS 9+, Android 4.4+


  • 3x TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Devices
  • 3x Key loops and double-sided 3M adhesives (One Per Pixel)
  • 3x User-replaceable CR2016 batteries (Installed In Each Pixel)
  • 1x Setup guide


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Tuesday, August 25th - Tuesday, September 1st


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Could be louder but I am just thankful to get it in after I thought it was lost in the mail forever.

Written by @Jamgee - August 1st 2020
Verified Purchase

Super easy, peace of mind!

Love these! Took just a few minutes to add them to app and now I can be worry free. I am always misplacing my items and now I can find them lickety split.

Written by @cpbasco - May 31st 2020
Verified Purchase

It works just fine

Written by @Grobert1963 - April 14th 2020
Verified Purchase

Best tracker

So excited just arrived and it works great!

Written by @Sonjamorning2 - February 15th 2020
Verified Purchase


Gave as gifts

Written by @blaandee - January 29th 2020
Verified Purchase

No more losing phone!!

Written by @dream5 - January 4th 2020
Verified Purchase

The perfect gift !

Its a gift for my kids who are always loosing or misplacing there keys, I think mom and dad could use one themselves ! I cant wait till Christmas.

Written by @Coco28 - December 23rd 2019
Verified Purchase

Great product. On time

Written by @hendrix1 - December 21st 2019
Verified Purchase

Thank you Happy holidays

Written by @sinceredeuce - December 17th 2019
Verified Purchase


We was surprised when opened the box. Oh what a surprise, the box just kept on giving. It is a great bargain for the price. Wish I had ordered 2 boxes.
Everyone should take the risk. Trust me, they won’t be disappointed.

Written by @sarahvv213 - December 16th 2019
Verified Purchase

a lot of great products

I was surprised when I received this, because I didn’t expect to get all of the useful things in here, I wish I had ordered more, hopefully you will have this again.

Written by @amma - December 15th 2019
Verified Purchase

Mystery box

Love it. My second one. Great products. A good value in

Written by @kateword - December 10th 2019
Verified Purchase


Thank u, thank u, thank u. I would like two more.

Written by @891402 - December 10th 2019
Verified Purchase


Written by @pamelabrown - December 7th 2019
Verified Purchase

I love being surprised with the items!

With the mystery box I get some of the items I had on my wish list and gifts I can share with family and friends, thank you!

Written by @Jprsle - December 7th 2019
Verified Purchase

Love it!

This is the second time I have bought a mystery box and I have to say I want to buy more!!! The value of the box is definitely worth more than you pay. It’s always a surprise to open up and see what I got!! LOVE IT!!

Written by @crazyjojo16 - December 6th 2019
Verified Purchase

Tracking device is great

Love them ~ great price

Written by @carolynRae3 - November 4th 2019
Verified Purchase

Nice surprises

Love these boxes always quality things

Written by @Militarygirl - October 29th 2019
Verified Purchase

mystery box

I’m excited to go & puck it up

Written by @ladyluck007 - October 24th 2019
Verified Purchase


Fun little mystery box, definitely got my $60 value. I received Jessica Simpson earings, Dead Sea mud mask, infinity scarf, trackers (for keys) and foley and Corinna crossbody purse. Original retail of box somewhere around $180.

Written by @Star2236 - October 23rd 2019
Verified Purchase

Mystery box

Loved everything in the box, my son should have no problem finding his keys now with his new key finder

Written by @patmyers42 - October 18th 2019
Verified Purchase

Great products inside

This was a fun treat! First time I did it and wasn’t disappointed at all. A few things for me and a couple I will keep for Christmas gifts!

Written by @mjschaible - October 17th 2019
Verified Purchase

Great product

Very happy with this product

Written by @roserainer - October 7th 2019
Verified Purchase

Gave it as a gift. No feedback or response cause of covid19!!

Written by @SydneyPVE - April 26th 2020
Verified Purchase


One did not work. A orher with low battery.
They did work immediatly. Easy set up

Written by @mslovelylove - April 3rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Haven’t used yet

Written by @Louisefitzpatri - December 31st 2019
Verified Purchase

Low Battery

Had to order a replacement battery the same day I received the product.

Written by @January66 - December 12th 2019
Verified Purchase

Stress Reliever

This Tracker works well. I have tested it and I now feel that never again will have to search for my keys when I am running late. I like it!!

Written by @codling62 - December 10th 2019
Verified Purchase

First look at Trackr pixel

Haven’t been able to link trackr to Alexa.

Written by @rjo - July 31st 2019
Verified Purchase

Not very unisex

Seemed very catered to females, but it did consist of a variety of items. My wife loved the gifts.

Written by @Mystichrome - December 15th 2019
Verified Purchase


I received my box and when looking through the items - earrings came broken, a few items that are limited to type of phone or for older series of phone. Other items were really nice.

Written by @Reebklyn - December 7th 2019
Verified Purchase


2 out of 3 worked, thanks. I started with my favorite color blue, it didn’t work. Tried white, it connected; tried red, it connected no problem.

Written by @bje64 - October 5th 2019
Verified Purchase


2 out of the 3 worked, but one was broken

Written by @terry2885 - June 13th 2019
Verified Purchase


two of my theee pixels didn’t work

Written by @prizzo4144 - June 18th 2020
Verified Purchase

Disappointed 😔

First of all they came with dead batteries! Really!! Ok I got some batteries but to put in is insane, product is like child toy. Not possible to grab the back side of TrackR in order to turn and open!
Just disappointed, I had a trust in morningsave.com

Written by @fabnurse - May 20th 2020
Verified Purchase

Difficult setup!

I could not get further than downloading the App. So I am returning the product.

Written by @DillyDolly - April 4th 2020
Verified Purchase

Needed batteries

I paired them to the desired items, and it said battery low! So I ordered I replacement battery for $1.99. Which is supposed to be free

Written by @patriciarae - February 1st 2020
Verified Purchase

not worth sending…two pair of same junk

Written by @liq656 - December 15th 2019
Verified Purchase

Not enough value in box.

Written by @elainej8 - December 8th 2019
Verified Purchase

Earrings were broken ☹️

Earrings were broken and way too many similar electronic items.

Written by @janareardon - December 6th 2019
Verified Purchase

Some good items, but more junk.

Out of the 10 items, there were 3-4 I might actually use.

Written by @m2pt5 - December 5th 2019
Verified Purchase

Products just weren’t what I would use. Not that they were bad, just not my thing!!

Written by @amyh49 - October 25th 2019
Verified Purchase


Never could get it to work with my Alexa dot! And one came with battery already dead!?

Written by @mls1978 - October 19th 2019
Verified Purchase

Missing parts

No adhesives nor loops inside the box, purple one don’t connect, pink one keep going off for no apparent reason.
From now on I’ll start opening all packages upon arrival and check out everything, ASAP!!! Make sure stuff works and is in perfect order!!
Have a Bless DAY

Written by @purplelady777 - August 12th 2019
Verified Purchase

Reviews are bad

Written by @foxylinda37 - July 11th 2019
Verified Purchase


Quality is horrible. Size is small and plastic is cheap, Like if you drop it will probably break!

Written by @Sharonwoods719 - June 28th 2019
Verified Purchase

Keep Your Money

I just received this product today, I was really excited about it , because I really need it. I set the finders up perfectly, but after the set up they did not work. Additionally, the sound is so mild, that if the unit is not right in your face, you will never hear the alarm, it has a light but that is minimal also. There is no option for you to contact a live cs rep to talk you through the glitches. In my opinion just download a tracker from play store, At least if that doesn’t work it wont cost you any thing. My father warned me if it seems too good to be true it probably isn’t and that certainly is the case with this product. I am finding this to be the case with a number of products I purchase from Morning Save. Buyer Beware!!!

Written by @Grammyg305 - June 22nd 2020
Verified Purchase

No repond

Received with2 low battery and one not working.

Written by @ieddie559 - June 21st 2020
Verified Purchase

Don't waste your money

One of the faubs didn’t work at all and the other 2 wouldn’t pair. Complete waste of money.

Written by @zwafer - June 10th 2020
Verified Purchase


This is a set of three tracks are pixel Bluetooth devices of which one works and fell apart about a week later, and the other two won’t activate. I have been trying endlessly to get a return label to return the product for a refund and cannot get anyone to answer me. Support@mercatalyst.com must be a robot because they keep asking me the same question over and over again and never gives me an answer. I want to return this product for a refund. I need a return label because it is totally defective.

Written by @melanie2k - June 6th 2020
Verified Purchase

don't like

Can’t get them to work, on 3 different phones. App won’t work.

Written by @lindamlin - June 5th 2020
Verified Purchase


Only 1 of the 3 actually worked

Written by @Shereaseevans1 - June 2nd 2020
Verified Purchase

not recommended

This product is no good whatsoever. One did not work from the start, another came with a dead battery and the only one working is malfunctioning. Very disappointed.

Written by @biaritz1 - May 29th 2020
Verified Purchase


Out of three, zero worked and I cannot get the backs to open to try and replace the batteries…get what you pay for…lesson learned.

Written by @camprena - May 29th 2020
Verified Purchase

Doesn't work

All 3 devices arrived with dead batteries. You are only entitled to 1 free battery replacement and you must pay shipping & handling. I’m waiting for a reply from customer support.

Written by @thladybug - May 10th 2020
Verified Purchase

Cheap, not working, not even connecting to app

I bought 9 of these in 3-packs and could not get any to connect! Even had three that the battery was already dead! Guess I get what I paid for at this discount! Disappointing to say the least!

Written by @Taunanana - April 30th 2020
Verified Purchase

one of the items is defective

I dont like that customer service has not gotten back with me about my support email that the item is broken…Where are you answer me back …

Written by @ejanvier - April 24th 2020
Verified Purchase

Not satisfied with the merchandise

I am waiting to see when I can go out To mail bake the merchandise, due to the Corina virus I am 66 years old I cannot be outside. I live alone I will try to see if I can find someone to help me.

Written by @mendm054 - April 7th 2020
Verified Purchase

One set does not wirk

Written by @kitten567 - April 4th 2020
Verified Purchase

The product came with batteries and the batteries were low in power. I was woken up in the middle of the night on my phone for my phone being to fat away from my keys.

Written by @jillhorkan - April 4th 2020
Verified Purchase

Never received my merchandise

Never received my merchandise

Written by @chuck9709 - April 3rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Terrible Product

This product is not worth buying. When I received them the batteries had to be replaced. Bought new batteries and now I can not turn the back compartment to replace them. I guess you get what you pay for. I thought about returning them but not worth the hassle. Would not recommend anyone purchase this product.

Written by @LWilliams - March 23rd 2020
Verified Purchase

They don’t work

Written by @quilter677 - March 19th 2020
Verified Purchase

They do not work I want to return them with refund

Written by @mollymcg7 - March 11th 2020
Verified Purchase

Don't buy

They fall apart and u can’t hang them on ur purse none of the.pixels are left as they all fell apart

Written by @mariespagnulobe - March 7th 2020
Verified Purchase


Low quality- loses connectivity. Either the bluetooth technology within the trackers malfunctions or the app has problems. Also, the app says the batteries are low after one day of use.

Written by @jfrengle - March 4th 2020
Verified Purchase

Cheaply made

For one when I received them all 3 batteries were dead! When I went to change them, the clear button no longer works and I know that they are in correctly! These are horrible!!!

Written by @kcelmer - February 25th 2020
Verified Purchase

Wouldn't want if for free

Only one of the three would pair with my phone. And immediately I received a low battery warning. There is an opportunity for one free battery but you have to pay for shipping. Nope- I’m returning this.

Written by @duganmyers - February 23rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Came with a low battery

I downloaded app okay and got them set up. One came with a low battery. I think they should all come with new batteries. I tired clicking in battery replacement and it won’t work correctly. I tired copying and pasting suport email and emailed them to see if they would send me a battery. The free replacement isn’t totally free

Written by @onryaj - February 16th 2020
Verified Purchase

Dead Batteries

NIB Pixels arrived with dead batteries!

Written by @randolphb1 - January 29th 2020
Verified Purchase


the either had dead batteries, or were not connecting. only 2 of 8 work. tried to contact customer service, no luck

Written by @joyceshepard - January 1st 2020
Verified Purchase

Sent 3 instead of 8 and they do not work

Written by @puaw - December 28th 2019
Verified Purchase

Do Not Order

Everyone of these trackers batteries do not last. 12 hrs at most and then they are not working.

Written by @Debie1961 - December 26th 2019
Verified Purchase

Disappointed with this

Planned on using for Christmas gifts but after hubby and I both tried them, we didn’t feel comfortable giving as gifts. Tried syncing 1 pixel, and another one that was 12ft away sucked instead. Batteries were all very low or dead on ones we tried. And battery compartment is about impossible to open. Says “twist right or left” on back. That isn’t going to happen! They are like a watch back - has to be pryed off just the right way. Finally replaced battery in one and kinda got it working but it was not loud when trying to locate it. No way you could hear it in a noisy room. Was a waste to order 16!

Written by @kandkmeidinger - December 24th 2019
Verified Purchase

You say it’s delivered NOT... we’re is it... I’ve been looking every half hour sense this morning... it’s now 4:42 pm... we’re is it ?

Written by @monc909 - December 21st 2019
Verified Purchase

Guess I didn’t read the fine print. I got this for my cell phone, turns out it uses a cell phone app to find things. Hope I can down load the app to something else other wise, it misses the reason I wanted it.

Written by @sonierjm - December 20th 2019
Verified Purchase

All batteries were dead or device said battery critical stage

Shouldn’t get a new product that you should have to replace all 8 batteries would like a refund!!!

Written by @ragsone - December 16th 2019
Verified Purchase

Don't work

These didn’t work directly out of the box.

Written by @lindyclark - December 16th 2019
Verified Purchase

Same old Junk!!

Written by @olls - December 13th 2019
Verified Purchase

I order eight and ALL eight the battery were DEAD. I hope they send all new one. They going to make great Christmas gift NOTNOT.

Written by @0099nick - December 13th 2019
Verified Purchase

Not worth it

When this item arrived it had a broken earring open packages and one missing item there was no insulation whatsoever to keep the items from moving around and breaking not worth the money they claim it is

Written by @roslynolu - December 11th 2019
Verified Purchase

Not a wise decision, all batteries are weak and dead, very low sound and very hard to open back to install battery

Written by @aliyah1999 - December 8th 2019
Verified Purchase


Batteries are dead on day one. 1 out of 3 wouldn’t pair.

Written by @morningsaver65 - December 7th 2019
Verified Purchase


The items were not that of what I would ever see sold totaling $60.00. A pair of dollar store costume earrings, a $15.00 purse, mud mask, a tracker that I bought already for $1.00 on the meh.com app and a really thin camo scarf that does not match with any of my NON CAMO gear that I don’t own. Money down the drain. That’s why it’s disclosed as a mystery box. Should not be labeled as the wrong value.

Written by @j424orona - October 26th 2019
Verified Purchase

Truly junk

Plastic purse, more dead Tracker pixels, cheap mud mask, cheaper earrings, and an ugly “infinity scarf”. MorningSave should be embarrassed claiming they sell this for $60. I would be embarrassed to give this stuff away.

Written by @mrlasky - October 16th 2019
Verified Purchase

Discontinued / No batteries (Dead)

Dead batteries and site will not allow me to get a free one and tried to purchase them and I got a strange message back! They have been returned. Want my refund as it was poor service all the way around.

Written by @Lladgee5 - August 18th 2019
Verified Purchase

doesnt work

received, only two out of the three initially worked and now a week later the other two no longer work. Also these must be nock-off because when I first tried, I received a notice that the battery needs replacing so I google how to change the battery, however there is no way to open these, as the instructions indicated. I will be requesting a refund.

Written by @ohawkins058 - August 12th 2019
Verified Purchase

Only 2 items in the box, not the 3 I purchased

One of the TrackR ‘s was missing when I opened the box ( the teal one). Very unhappy .

Written by @esqkojak - August 4th 2019
Verified Purchase

Dead Batteries, impossible to open & no useful instructions

I really want to like these, but the first one I tried to pair had a dead battery. It took me a while to figure out it was dead (had to go to TrackR’s website). The second one had a low battery warning after pairing. The third one made a noise, but the battery died before it would pair. The worst is trying to open the back of the TrackR to take the battery out! I had to use a lid opener to get a grip on the part to actually be able to rotate it. That worked on two, the third one was impossible to open. I think I’ll use a hammer. So, I got a deal on these, but the deal stunk because all three batteries needed to be replaced. So, do yourself a favor and find something that can be opened, comes with working batteries and has useful instructions. On the instruction side, you have to intuitively know the little button below the TrackR symbol is the Clear button. You’re asked to use the Clear button to pair, providing the battery works. Since the batteries didn’t, I had no idea the Clear button was that button until I tried it on another one that finally made a noise. They don’t explain where the Clear button is located on the website, or at least I didn’t find it. If the batteries weren’t dead it probably would have been fine. You also have to get the magnifying glass out to see the Open <–> Close on the back in order to change the battery. Then, you have to figure out how to rotate the thing to open it. It was difficult. Once the batteries were replaced, I left the house with the key/TrackR and my phone. Before I got into the car the back of the TrackR fell off and the battery hit the ground. When I returned home, I put the phone in the house and went to get the back of the TrackR out of the car, with the key in hand. Apparently, since the key was not with the phone the phone kept ringing (the battery was still not in the TrackR). When I returned to the house, the key and the phone were together but the phone kept ringing. I didn’t know how to stop it. It didn’t stop until the battery was put back into the TrackR. There was no “stop” and the “Device Separaton Alerts” and the Phone Separation Alerts" were both off. Not sure how these will be long term. It could use some basic instructions with the TrackR’s (Clear button, battery replacement, troubleshooting if the device doesn’t pair…). The app will just “spin” and never connect but you don’t know why. Glad I didn’t pay full price for these.

Written by @dlfroeh - July 15th 2019
Verified Purchase

Trouble setting up

I have tried to get in to set up the pixels. I was told my password is invalid. So I hit the “forgot my password”. So I was given temporary password. I tried that 4 times and I still can’t get them set up.

Written by @ladydi5254 - June 12th 2019

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