2-Pack: Vitaminerals Cryogel Pain Relief Gel

A professional strength formula which produces a cooling and pain relieving effect when applied to muscles and tissues irritated or inflamed by trauma or stress. Excellent as a coupling agent for deep penetration of camphor and menthol. Your choice of a two-pack in your favorite scent.


  • Cryogel provides pain relief without the painful scent
  • For a long time aches and pains were soothed using strong smelling gels, but now Vitaminerals has developed a gel that smells good and works great
  • It is suitable for pains originating from muscles, joints, arthritis, osteoporosis, neuritis, shingles, and other inflammatory disorders
  • When applied to the affected area, Cryogel provides fast soothing while penetrating deep into the area for long-lasting results
  • Cryogel is non-greasy and non-staining


  • Ocean Sport is the original formula at professional strength
  • It contains the basic properties of natural aromatics menthol & camphor, which provides analgesic and counterirritant relief
  • As well as extracts of Arnica, Witch Hazel & MSM, for a deep penetrating anti-inflammatory effect


  • Lavender Breeze contains natural botanicals like essential oils of Lavender, Passion Flower and Chamomile
  • Combined, these essential oils produce a relaxing aromatherapy effect with healing properties

Included In The Box

  • Your choice of 2-Pack

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