2-Pack: Mophie 2 Meter Pro 2.0 USB C-C Cable with or without Switch-Tip

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mophie 2 meter pro USB-C to USB-C Cable

  • High-performance, heavy-duty PRO USB cable with USB-C Tips to charge today’s latest devices
  • Durable braided nylon exterior has a smooth feel matched with unrivaled strength to protect your cable from abrasion and tearing
  • Reinforced armored core adds durability to the cable while maintaining flexibility for use in tight areas and to prevent tangles

mophie 2 meter pro USB-C to Micro USB Cable with USB-C switch-tip

  • High-performance, heavy-duty PRO cable with to USB-C Tip on one end, Micro USB on the other with a USB-C Switch tip for added versatility
  • Specialized cable made for the newest Apple MacBook laptops with USB-C ports and other USB-C devices This cable is also compatible with Android smartphones, tablets and other USB-C and micro USB devices


  • Weight: 0.066 lb
  • Dimensions: 2m / 6.6ft
  • Max Rated Current: 3A/30V
  • Max Rated Data: 10 Gbit/s (1M), 480 Mbit/s (2M)

what’s included

  • 2x Mophie 2 Meter Pro 2.0 USB C-C Cable with or without Switch-Tip


Verified Purchase

It does not have a switch tip and does not fit an android device. It will be the last MorningSave “deal” I buy.

Written by @uncleremus - May 9th 2021
Verified Purchase

Not useful at all! There is no USB connection

Written by @snowinthesand - February 14th 2021

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