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SoundFloat Luxury Pool Lounger with Bluetooth Stereo Sound System

SOUNDFLOAT is a luxury lounge, bed, stereo sound system, phone, device charger, and more in one beautiful product. There’s no other product that can act as a float, a bed, a sound system, a phone, and a device charger in one. So whether you’re adventuring on a week-long road trip to a nature preserve, or are a mom who simply wants a luxurious afternoon in her backyard pool, the SOUNDFLOAT is for you.

Available in your choice of a Single Lounger Bundle or an Arm Chair Bundle in Blue or Pink colors

Single Lounger Bundle

  • Your own personal oasis in the water. Float around a pool or a lake, go tubing down a mountain, or set it up indoors when you need a restful place to sleep (or a great spot to sink in and play a videogame). It’s so comfortable you’ll never want to get up!

Arm Chair Bundle

  • This is the perfect float for someone who likes to dangle their legs in the water on a hot day and unwind. Whether you’re lounging in the water or sitting in your own backyard, the Armchair Lounge takes comfort and relaxation to the next level. This is a great backyard accessory for kids and pets too


  • Equipped with waterproof speakers and dual 70mm subwoofers, all powered by a crisp 20W amplifier to give you an unmatched level of audio quality
  • Waterproof pouch protect your devices with our triple-sealed, touch-sensitive waterproof pouch
  • Ultra-thick, puncture resistant lining to keep you afloat- cannonball tested up to 300 pounds!
  • Not just for the pool! Use SOUNDFLOAT as an air mattress, extra seating, or your own little oasis in the living room
  • Intuitive controls and LED indicators help you access your entertainment in no time
  • 12-Hour Battery life means your pool party can last all day long!
  • Luxury design Inspired by the classic curves of the 1961 Shelby Cobra
  • Bluetooth Quick Connect ensures no frustration when connecting your streaming device
  • Adjustable comfort-air compartments for maximum comfort
  • Detach the battery and use it as a power bank for your mobile devices when they run out of juice
  • Large cup holder ensures no spills


  • Dimensions: Length: 74 x Width: 39 x Height: 22 (The Single Lounge Bundle)
  • Dimensions: Length: 50 x Width: 47 x Height: 26 (The Arm Chair Lounge Bundle)

Included IN The Box

  • 1x SoundFloat Luxury Pool Lounger & Stereo Sound System
  • 1x FREE Air Pump and Storage & Travel Bag

Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, December 16th - Thursday, December 19th

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