Secure Stitch 7 Piece Liquid Sew Kit

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Written by @deception - April 22nd 2021
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  • Secure Stitch works quickly to amend, alter, hem, and embellish without a needle & thread
  • It works on a variety of materials including cotton, suede, flannel, lace, denim, leather, acrylics, and many more
  • Great alternative to needle and thread and the bond is washer and dryer proof
  • It’s perfect for mending rips, hemming pants, repairing torn upholstery, bonding patches, and badges and perfect for crafting
  • Creates a clear, washer, and dryer proof bond that works with a variety of materials from delicate lace to durable leather

what’s included

  • 1x 4 oz all fabric solution bottle
  • 1x 2 oz synthetic fabric solution bottle
  • 1x Mess-free brush applicator
  • 2x Custom hem measuring clips
  • 2x On the go applicator bottles


90 days


Verified Purchase

Fast delivery

Written by @deception - April 22nd 2021
Verified Purchase

Secure Stitch

It doesn’t work on all materials

Written by @cgriffin07 - May 11th 2021
Verified Purchase

Dried up, good for nothing

Both bottles were dried out. Waste of money and too much hassle to return.

Written by @njoymaui - March 23rd 2021

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