Knork Eco Plant Based Reusable Bamboo 48-Piece Flatware Set


  • Made of bamboo fibers and sugar cane starch
  • Biodegradable Reusable Flatware
  • Cleverly-designed
    • Fork has beveled edges that let it double as a knife
  • Compost-friendly
    • Everything is made from sugar cane starch and bamboo fiber
    • No plastic here
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Set includes: 24 Eco spoons and 24 Eco forks
  • Approx. 6.75" long each
  • Dishwasher-friendly, durable, and reusable with a recommended lifetime of 400 washes.
  • Biodegradable by design
    • Meant to last about a year with use and reuse
  • We’ve safely tested our Eco utensils up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in a commercial dishwasher
    • Prolonged exposure at higher temperatures than that is not advised (i.e. dishwashers with a “heavy-duty” high heat wash cycle,
    • Using the utensils to stir or cut food directly out of the microwave or oven, which usually boast temperatures far higher than 200 degrees.
    • However, just because a utensil becomes warped, it is not permanent. If you were to heat it up again, it would become pliable enough to bend back into its normal form and would be safe to use again.


included in the box

  • 24 Knork Eco Spoons
  • 24 Eco Forks


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Standard: Thursday, Oct 29 - Tuesday, Nov 3.
Enhanced: Monday, Oct 26 - Monday, Nov 2.

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