DG2 Terry Cloth "DG Downtime" Front Zip Hoodie

Casual day? Don’t get caught looking unkempt. This brushed knit terry cloth hoodie is so plush and stretchy, it keeps you looking cute and stylish no matter where the day takes you (or who you run into).


  • Stylish luxury loungewear
  • Available in 2 trendy colors including Aqua and Coral
  • Sizes vary from XS to 3X
  • Combination of comfort and fashion
  • Soft and beautiful piece that pairs well with accent jewelry for an elevated look
  • Cozy material that can be styled multiple ways when on the go or at home


What’s Included?

  • 1x DG2 Terry Cloth “DG Downtime” Front Zip Hoodie


90 days

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