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BlueFrog Track N' Guard Bluetooth Tracking Dog Collar

Did you know that only 70% of lost dogs and 98% of lost cats are never reunited with their families? That’s why Track N Guard was created, to provide an affordable, reliable pet security collar that exponentially increases the likelihood that your furry friend will return home.


  • 6 Colors to choose from: Rose Gold, Black, Green, Grey, Blue, and Red
  • Each color and size is also offered with an optional home pet base
  • No monthly service, membership or registration fees as you encounter with traditional GPS-based products
  • For medium-sized dogs (12"-17")

Three Layers of Protection

Layer One - a fully-integrated pre-engraved unique pet ID tag which won’t fall off and does away with that annoying dangling noise. This pet ID can be registered to your pet on The Smart Buckle App with your pet’s information. - the finder can see your pets details and also send you your pet’s last-known coordinates.

Layer Two - an embedded Bluetooth module which integrates with one of the largest lost & found communities responsible for over 2 million unique finds per day. If your pet passes by one of the millions of crowd locate users out there, you can get a pin-point location within the free Smart Buckle App.

Layer Three - The optional Home Base acts as a virtual fence, alerting you whenever your pet escapes a 200-foot radius surrounding the home base

Buy The Home Pet Base Separately Here


  • No recharging required; on-board battery lasts up to 12 months
  • Water-resistant
  • Works with The Smart Buckle App for Android and iOS
  • Setup Instructions


  • Medium: 12"-17"


1 Year BlueFrog

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