60-Pack Contours Rx NECK RESCUE Non-Surgical Correcting Strips

NECK RESCUE is a non-surgical correcting strip that was developed to improve the appearance of the neckline.

Each adhesive strip works Instantly to pull back and tighten skin that may be disturbing the natural contour of your neck line, taking years off of your appearance for a natural and more youthful look.


  • Simply apply the nearly invisible adhesive strip to pull skin taut
  • You will be amazed at the difference it can make immediately to your neckline by addressing the loose sagging skin that can occur as we age
  • Helps to address the loss of elasticity making you look prematurely aged
  • Use it to feel more confident every day on video calls, or on special occasions and prior to photoshoots
  • We recommend using a dermaplaning device (or razor) to remove peach fuzz below the hairline prior to application
  • Having a clean surface to apply the strips allows for maximum hold for hours
  • Watch videos and read through the application process below for a greater understanding of the product
  • Shhh…don’t worry, these strips blend in so well with your skin it will be your own little secret beauty tool!


Ensure your neck and hands are free of any makeups, oils, or moisturizers before applying.

  1. Remove the release paper from one side of the strip

  2. After removing peach fuzz hair from your neck, apply the first side of the strip, starting just behind the ear line.

  3. Remove the second part of the release paper and after gently pulling your excess neck skin towards the back of your neck (until you see the desired results) then stretch the strip past it and secure in place.

  4. PLEASE NOTE: to get the desired look you may need to practice placement

  5. Gently press and hold the strip for several seconds to ensure a good bond (the better the bond the longer the product will stay on).

  6. To remove, apply a liberal amount of soap or oil to the strip and rub underneath it until the strip can be gently pulled off.

  7. If the strip is too long for the size or shape of your neck, you can trim the length down to achieve your desired results.

Video with tips on application


60-Pack Contours Rx NECK RESCUE Non-Surgical Correcting Strips



90 days

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