3 Piece: StoreSmith Over-the-Door 4-Tier Ultimate Organizer

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  • Available in Black, Bronze, Gold, and White colors
  • If your closet is getting overrun with shoes and laundry, this handy over the door organizer can help
  • The hanging divided hamper stays compact and hidden and can easily be removed to carry to the washer
  • And the hanging four shelf attachment is great to store multiple items, and it includes one drawer
  • Best of all, the system is interchangeable to customize to your storage needs

What’s Included?

  • 1x 4 Tier Shoe Rack with 2 Big Hooks and 2 Small Hooks
  • 1x Hamper Bag
  • 1x Drawer Organizer


90 days


Verified Purchase

Not too sturdy

Can’t overload either rack. Velcro won’t hold if you put heavy things like mouthwash or shampoo bottles. Lastly make sure you measure as if it’s on the door and open…I didn’t have room on either side of the door so I pawned it off to my granddaughters

Written by @carlcoapman - June 13th 2022

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