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2-Pack: Antimicrobial No-Touch Keychain Tool

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Keep your hands clean on the go

If there’s one good thing about what’s going on right now, it’s that we’re realizing that business as usual wasn’t necessarily the best when it comes to health and hygiene. Like handshakes, for example. What felt like a necessary part of life a few short months ago now feels like a potential risk—and there’s no telling whether they’ll continue when things go back to “normal.”

Of course, some things just can’t be avoided—like opening doors. But how do you get into where you’re going without potentially contaminating your hands on a handle that so many other people have touched?

Simple: use this contactless safety tool. It’s made of brass, an antimicrobial metal, and has the perfect shape to open doors and cabinets, press elevator buttons, or key in your PIN at the ATM. Just pop it on your keys, keep it in your purse, or stash it in your car’s glove compartment, and you’ve got an antimicrobial barrier you can use to stay safe any time you’re out and about.


  • Keep hands clean by going contact-free
  • Antimicrobial metal kills bacteria, viruses, and other microbes
  • Limits surface exposure to germs, keeping hands clean
  • Ergonomic and easy to use


  • Material: Brass
  • Dimensions: 6” x 1” x 6”
  • Care Instructions: hand-wash
  • Weight: 3oz


  • Antimicrobial:
    • Germs don’t stand a chance against this clean key door opener tool
  • Hygiene Hand:
    • Use this no-touch tool as a door hook, button pusher, and stylus
    • Use at ATMs, gas stations, grocery store checkout keypads, elevator buttons, and public doors
    • Think of it as a hygienic extension of your finger
  • Multi-Tool:
    • This everyday carry tool has a bottle opener built-in
  • Compact:
    • This no-touch door opener is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, yet strong enough to withstand real-world use

Included In The Box

  • 2-Pack: Antimicrobial No-Touch Keychain Tool


90 days

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