Viatek Jewelry Scroll

The morning conundrum: it’s not only matching your jewelry to your outfit, it’s finding that earring that fell between the sofa cushions and the necklace you took off last night when you got home and can’t find. Time to get organized with the space-saving jewelry scroll. There’s space for approximately 150 pieces of jewelry, and because it hangs over the door everything is in front of you in one tangle-free place. Here’s your jewelry at a glance. Conundrum solved.


  • Solve your morning routine with the convenience of the Viatek Jewelry Scroll
  • Hold up to 150 pieces of jewelry
  • Uses two hanging hooks to hang over a door for easy storage
  • Includes multiple types of straps and pouches to hang any type of jewelry you may have

What’s Included?

  • 1x Viatek Jewelry Scroll


90 days

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