Alex and Ani Beaded Stretch Bracelets

Wear for Wisdom - The Buddha’s teachings are centered on joy and compassion. Symbolizing divine, radiant light, he inspires us to find our footing on the path towards enlightenment. Tiger’s Eye harnesses the warmth of the sun and the grounded spirit of the earth and is thought to create balance within you. Awaken your soul and live as Buddha did - with kindness and love.

Wear for Strength + Protection: Inspired by the traditional Nazar amulet, which means ‘vision’ in Arabic, the symbol of the eye stares back at the world. An unblinking emblem of strength, the protective eye symbolizes the divine, watchful gaze that cannot be deceived, seeing only truth. Empowered with peace and protection, you know all is well.


  • Choose between two styles:
    • Evil Eye: adorned with crystals & genuine sodalite gemstones
    • Buddha: adorned with a genuine tiger’s eye gemstone
  • Each style comes with 3 bracelets total
  • Colors may vary due to the natural makeup of gemstones
  • Fits wrist sizes 6’’ to 8’’
  • Finish: Rafaelian Silver
  • Nickel-free

what’s included?

  • 1x Alex and Ani Beaded Stretch Bracelets in Your Style Choice


90 days

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