Urbio String Bean Wall Planter

Add a modern touch to your office or home. Free up space on your desk, kitchen counter, in your bathroom or anywhere you desire! the string bean delivers all of the organizational power of traditional organizers while providing the versatility to mount the container on almost any magnetic surface. Our Urbio string bean magnetic container perfectly holds rulers, kitchen utensils and bath accessories. String bean is ideal for use as a vertical magnetic inbox or paper recycle bin. Designed to be modular, Urbio string bean magnetic container is easy to remove and rearrange.


  • It’s Vertical: Urbio’s verticality takes advantage of the surface area of your walls while adding a design kick to your dwelling
  • It’s Modular: Urbio is designed to be modular, allowing you to grid out your urban garden customized to your personal living space
  • It’s Magnetic: Urbio is equipped with neodymium magnets that are strong enough to hold a variety of weights to your wall or any magnetic surface
  • It’s Versatile Urbio can also provide a vertical solution for all types of organizational needs within your home!

What’s Included

  • 1x Urbio String Bean Wall Planter


90 days

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