Tzumi Compact Wireless Pink Selfie Stick


  • You don’t have to be tech-savvy to be awesome, or at least to take awesome selfies
  • Wireless remote shutter function pairs with most smart phones and is easy to use
  • Short arms are a burden no more – this selfie stick extends up to 39 inches and can capture the whole group from any angle
  • Great for pretty much everyone, unless you still don’t have a smart phone or are camera shy (or you just really like asking strangers to take your photo)
  • Comes in four fun colors, but sorry, you get what you get
  • Only $3 each (that’s practically free) so stock up, these make great stocking stuffers
  • Connects wirelessly to any smart phone via Bluetooth


  • The Tzumi Shutterstick Selfie Stick is compatible with most smartphones, including Apple and Android
  • Simply pair your smartphone, place in a bracket and snap away
  • The Tzumi Shutterstick Selfie Stick effortlessly extends from 12" to 39" with wireless remote shutter function allowing you to take pictures hassle-free
  • Shoot selfies or group photos from a variety of angles with the adjustable handle
  • The camera mirror will help take hi-res rear camera shots

Included In The Box

  • 1x Compact Wireless Selfie Stick


90 days

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