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Sharper Image Own Zone Wireless TV Headphones for Private Listening

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Get Some Holiday Quiet Time With These Wireless TV Headphones

As happy as the holidays can be, a house full of friends and family can also feel straight-up chaotic. With so much going on, it can feel like there’s nowhere you can get a little peace and quiet.

With these special wireless headphones, though, you can get a little respite from the holiday hubbub and watch your favorite shows at the same time. Relax in peace with your favorite feel-good movie, or binge a few episodes of one of your favorite shows. Just plug the transmitter into your TV’s audio port. It’ll send the sound straight to your comfortable, padded headphones, which block outside noise—whether it’s rowdy kids, squabbling relatives, or loud video games in the next room.

There are no wires, so you can easily listen in comfort, and no pairing (so you don’t need your kids to help set it up). Heck, you don’t even need Wi-Fi thanks to this nifty transmitter.

These holiday lifesavers go both ways, too: at this price, pick up a pair for yourself and wrap up the other one for that person who’s always gotta watch the game at full volume or can’t miss their must-see TV. You’ll both be glad you did.


  • Get some privacy from the holiday hustle
  • Crank up the volume—just for you
  • Completely wireless!
  • Great for workouts or watching the game



  • Plug the transmitter into your tv’s audio output port
  • Turn on your own zone headphones & the tv audio is transmitted wirelessly. No pairing required
  • Easily adjust the volume with the headset controls & enjoy watching tv with sharp stereo sound


  • Enjoy TV as loud as you want without disturbing others!
  • Helps block out surrounding sounds
  • Transmitter and Headphones Wirelessly Transmit up to 100 ft Without Interference
  • No WiFi, Bluetooth or Pairing Required
  • Volume Control on the Headphone
  • Super Soft, Cushioned Ear Pads
  • Adjustable Fit Headband
  • Rechargeable Battery Lasts up to 10 Hours
  • Can Pair Multiple Headphones to One TV

Included In The Box

  • 1x Sharper Image Own Zone Wireless TV Headphones
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 1x Cable Set


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, February 3rd - Monday, February 10th

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