Rapid-Charge Wireless Power Station

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It’s compact and easy to use and a priced right gift!

Written by @Rmaye - December 21st 2022
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  • Works with any wireless charging compatible phone including Apple, Google, Samsung, and more
  • Simply rest your device on the power station and watch as the battery recharges
  • Rapid-charge technology allows you to charge your devices faster than conventional charging
  • Travel-friendly design is perfect for use at the airport or on the go


  • Input: DC5V/1.5-2A
  • Output: DC5V/1A
  • Working Wattage: 5W
  • Charging Type: Wireless, one-to-one
  • Conversion Rate: >75%
  • Charging Distance: <=6MM
  • Size: 70*10.2MM
  • Weight: 33G
  • Charging Standard: QI of WPC

what’s included?

  • Rapid-Charge Wireless Power Station
    • 1x Charging pad
    • 1x Charging cord
    • User manual


90 days


Verified Purchase

It’s compact and easy to use and a priced right gift!

Written by @Rmaye - December 21st 2022
Verified Purchase


I tried connected it to the outlet left it on the lights never went on the red light supposed to be on to show me it’s charging no matter where I put it it didn’t want to turn on there’s no switch or anything so apparently it’s broken I’d like a replacement ASAP and you can send me a label to return this one return label thank you

Written by @deleon1949 - January 1st 2023
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Don't work.

They don’t work won’t even light up when plugged in. Also they are much smaller than the appeared. Please send me a return label.

Written by @Pampam222 - February 14th 2023
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The plug in is dislocated so the usb is not lined up to charge

Written by @Lisamilliken - November 4th 2022
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Garbage from China!

After a few months it failed to charge my phone.

Written by @RdgK44 - January 16th 2023
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Does not work. Do not waste your money

Written by @slwilkins - November 26th 2022
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It does not fit my I phone

Written by @phylliscarter - January 11th 2023
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Shows blue as if charging but iphone still at same percentage 15 minutes later. Tried multiple times

Written by @MoSavin1 - February 13th 2023

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