PureWine 10-Piece Wine Filter & Aerator Bundle

Includes 1 Wine Wave Filter and 9 Individual Wine Wands.


  • No more wine headaches!
  • Alleviates the uncomfortable symptoms of Wine Allergies, including Headaches, Congestion, Skin Flush, Hives and Hangover
  • Removes histamine and sulfite preservatives without changing the taste, aroma or color of the wine
  • FDA Compliant, Patented, and BPA-Free
  • Works with Red, White & Rosé Wine
  • 100% Made in the USA

The PureWine Wave

  • Filters and Aerates an Entire Bottle of Wine as you pour and also prevents Oxidation to keep open wines from going bad
  • Nano-pore resin beads and BPA free pouch and pour spout
  • Demo Video

The PureWine Wand

  • Filters and Aerates one Glass of Wine per Wand
  • 1 Minute removes 29% of Sulfites & Histamines
  • 4 Minutes removes 66% of Sulfites & Histamines
  • 8 Minutes removes 95% of Sulfites & Histamines
  • Nano-pore resin beads and BPA-free pouch and handle
  • Demo Video

Included In The Box

  • 1x Wine Wave Filter
  • 9x Individual Wine Wands


90 days

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