Hamilton Beach Gourmet Popcorn Popper

Popcorn has gone from a simple snack to a gourmet treat. It’s not hard to find salty, sweet and even spicy varieties. But the price tag and calorie count of the store-bought kind might leave you with a little bit of regret.

The Hamilton Beach® Gourmet Popcorn Maker lets you skip the guilt and still enjoy gourmet popcorn. Just pop the corn, then tilt the bowl on its kickstand, add flavoring and tumble. The motorized spinning action of the tumbler gently mixes seasonings for evenly coated popcorn and fewer broken pieces.

Our snacks team at Hamilton Beach developed this popper so you can be in control of the ingredients and feel good about making a delicious treat for your whole family. Try fun flavors like Buffalo or Hot Chocolate popcorn with the included recipes. A 20 cup popping capacity and 10 cup tumbling capacity allows you to make enough for family movie night. Keep serving simple and enjoy your finished popcorn right out of the popper’s bowl


Pop the Corn

  • Add oil and popcorn kernels onto popping plate, place the bowl on the base and turn the power switch on
  • Pop up to 20 cups of corn


  • Unplug popper, place vent lid on the bowl, grab popper base and bowl and turn the popper over
  • Remove the base

Position Kickstand

  • Pull out the kickstand from the base and mount bowl on to the popper
  • The kickstand easily folds in and out for convenient storage

Tumble, Season and Enjoy

  • Switch the power back on and add in seasoning and butter while the bowl is spinning until popcorn is evenly coated
  • Tumble up to 10 cups at a time for a party-perfect snack
  • Everyone can enjoy popcorn right from the popper’s bowl for minimal cleanup

Gentle Mixing for Even Coating

  • Whether it’s sweet or savory popcorn you prefer, get the best flavor with even coating
  • Internal ribs similar to commercial models create motorized spinning action that gently mixes seasonings for evenly coated popcorn and fewer broken pieces

You Control the Ingredients

  • Make healthy and fun family snacks without the worry of questionable ingredients
  • With the Gourmet Popcorn Maker, you control exactly how your popcorn gets flavored

Included In The Box


90 days

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