PCHLife Abs NRG Six-Pack Training Revolution

The ABS NRG is a cordless EMS that stimulates your ab muscles with electronic pulses causing them to contract like they would during exercise.


  • Easy to attach and ready to operate at a single touch
  • Works on your Abdominals, Legs, Arms, and Back
  • The 23-minute training program helps to stimulate muscle activity
  • Progressively increases exercise intensity in stages as time elapses
  • Automatically stops when the program is completed
  • Includes a warm-up and cool-down cycle
  • Contours the body and focuses stimulation to each targeted body part
  • Simply stick the device to the desired body part and you are ready to train
  • Wear it under your clothes
  • Ideal for workouts while you’re on the job or on the go
  • Functions as an FDA certified TENS unit
  • All you have to do is fit the ABS device to your body and let it stimulate your muscles


  • Dimensions: 8.5" W x 8.5" H x .3" D
  • Training Program Length: 23 Minutes


  1. Warm-up - 1 Min. - Moves muscles by gradually increasing the pulse of stimulation
  2. Training 1 - 5 Min. - Alternating stimulation and rest like an approach run
  3. Training 2 - 5 Min. - Two waveforms are combined for efficient training
  4. Conditioning - 30 Sec. - Gently stimulates muscle movement
  5. Training 3 - 5 min. - The intensity increases as the combined waveform vary
  6. Conditioning - 30 Sec. - Gently stimulates muscle movement
  7. Training 4 - 5 Min. - Muscle contraction increased to maximum
  8. Cool Down - 1 Min. - The pulse of the stimulation gradually decreases the intensity


  • 1x ABS NRG Trainer
  • 1x Adhesive Gel Pads
  • 1x Adhesive pad saver
  • 1x Nylon carrying bag


1 Year PCHLife

Estimated Delivery Date

Tuesday, July 14th - Tuesday, July 21st. Due to a high volume of orders, delivery times are longer than usual.

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