Glossmetics 6 Piece Luggage Packing Cubes


  • Packing cubes will shape-up your packing game so you can win at travel
  • It’s all there, it’s just not a mess anymore
  • Sneak-a-peek with see-through top sections so you can easily find what you need
  • Small, medium, and large cubes, plus 3 slim pouches to separate laundry or other necessities


  • Available in colors:
    • Pink, Light Blue, Coral, Navy
  • Easy Packing & Unpacking:
    • Packing, unpacking and repacking a travel bag is one of the most annoying & often frustrating experiences for a traveler and every one of us!
    • Travel Packing Cubes significantly reduce clutter/hassle by helping us organize better
    • You can simply have a separate cube for different items
    • For example, one cube can be dedicated to t-shirts
    • All cubes can then be placed in your bag for a high level of packing organization
  • 6-Pack:
    • With 1 large (15" x 12" x 5"), 1 medium (12" x 11" x 5"), 1 small (12" x 8" x 5" inch), 3 Laundry Pouches (13.5" x 10", 10" x 9.5", 10" x 6.5")
    • Use one for pants/skirts, one for tops, another one for underwear, one for accessories like socks, scarfs, belts, etc., one for separating formals and casuals, and one for used clothes
    • You can create any combination or use them in any way that works best for you!
  • Light, Strong & Lots Of Space:
    • Made from 420D/PVC 600D Polyester panel, these packing cubes for travel are strong and durable, yet light enough to not add any bulk to your baggage
    • The deeper compartments allow you to store a reasonable amount of clothing in each pack it cube
    • Smooth running zippers make zipping/unzipping hassle-free, and see-through top sections make it easy to identify stored contents without the need of opening each cube

Included In The Box

  • 1x Large (15" x 12" x 5")
  • 1x Medium (12" x 11" x 5")
  • 1x Small (12" x 8" x 5" inch)
  • 3 Laundry Pouches (13.5" x 10", 10" x 9.5", 10" x 6.5")


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Tuesday, February 25th - Monday, March 2nd

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