Delta Creative 8 Piece Wood Burner & Stencil Cutter

Every crafter needs the Delta Creative Wood Burner & Stencil Cutter on hand for a variety of projects. This 2-in-1 crafting tool creates beautiful, on-trend wood burned projects as well as custom stencils. In addition to this versatile tool, it comes with four wood burner points and two cutter tips for easy crafting. Use on wood, leather, blank stencil sheets, and more. Add your style to each piece you create!


  • Stencil cutter easily creates intricate designs
  • Comes with 4 wood burner points: Universal, Cone, Shading, and Flow
  • Create line and bold lines using 2 cutter tips: Straight and Curved
  • Achieve darker lines by moving slowly with the burning tool
  • Points react differently to different types


  • Not suitable for children under 12 years of age
  • Highest temperature setting: 750 degrees F, 399 degrees C


  • Use pliers to screw points into the end of the burner pen
  • Plug in the burner and switch to heat
  • Place in stand and wait 10 minutes for the burner to heat
  • Hold the burner like you would a pencil
  • Holding the burner too tightly will cause fingers to get hot
  • Do not touch point or metal parts of burner when hot
  • Turn off and allow to cool down before changing point
  • Tips: To sharpen or clean, use a fine emery board

What’s Included

  • 1x Wood Burning Tool
  • 1x Stand
  • 4x Points
  • 2x Tips


90 days

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