4-Piece University Games Family Game Night Collection


:59 Seconds Game

  • In :59 Seconds, you need to beat your opponent by getting rid of all your cards AND get the job done in under a minute

Bing-Oh! Game

  • Take turns rolling the Bing-Oh dice. Place your chip on the corresponding space (some helpful, some harmful), and let the madness begin!

Risk & Reward Game

  • Place your bet, Roll the dice, Correctly give your opponent’s chances and reap the rewards otherwise, it’s your loss

Skribble Dash Game

  • Roll the die to choose a category to draw
  • The harder the category, the more points you and the correct guesser will earn


  • All games are for ages 7 and up
  • Numbers of players needed: 2 to 4

What’s included?

  • 1x :59 Seconds Game
    • 56x (Lightning Fast) Cards
    • 1x 59-Second Sand Timer
    • 1x Rules
  • 1x Bing-Oh! Game
    • 4x Two-sided Bing-Oh! Cards
    • 2x Bing-Oh! Dice
    • 140x Chips
    • 1x Rules
  • 1x Risk & Reward Game
    • 6x Red Player Dice
    • 10x Blue Bonus Dice
    • 30x Score Cards
    • 4x Yes/No Tokens
    • 1x Rules
  • 1x Skribble Dash Game
    • 50x Category Cards
    • 1x Skribble Pad
    • 1x Die
    • 1x Pencil
    • 1x 60 Second Sand Timer
    • 1x Rules


90 days

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