360 Smart Life C50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner + Mop with Smart Connect Wi-Fi


  • Powerful suction and intelligent navigation for thorough cleaning of your home
  • With the included mop attachment, this robot not only vacuums but also mops, keeping your floors spotless
  • Connect to your robot via Wi-Fi for convenient control through your smartphone or voice commands with compatible virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Set cleaning schedules, control cleaning modes, and monitor the progress of your robot from anywhere
  • From hardwood to carpets, this robot adapts to various floor types and can easily transition between them
  • Equipped with smart sensors, it avoids obstacles, detects stairs, and navigates around your furniture, ensuring a safe and thorough clean
  • The generous dustbin capacity means less frequent emptying during cleaning sessions
  • Enjoy a quieter home with this robot’s low noise level, making it suitable for use anytime, even while you’re home
  • Its slim profile allows it to clean under furniture and reach tight spaces
  • Perfect for those with busy schedules, this robot takes care of your cleaning needs with minimal effort on your part


  • Compact Design
  • Up to 2600 Pa Suction Power
  • Anti-Drop Sensors & Obstacle Avoidance
  • Smart Mapping
  • Logical Navigation
  • Automatic Self Charging
  • Edge, Spot & Deep Cleaning
  • Schedule Cleaning
  • Four-Stage Suction Power
  • Product Dimensions: 13.58"L x 13.58"W x 3.11"H
  • Weight: 6.93 pounds
  • 300ml Intelligent Water Tank
  • 510ml Dust Bin

What’s Included?

  • 1x 360 Smart Life C50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • 1x 360 Smart Life C50 Mop Attachment
  • 1x 360 Smart Life C50 Remote


90 days

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