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2-Pack: Gloue 3000 Volt Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatters with Stands

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ZAP! -- Gloue 3000 Volt Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatters with Stands

Although summer is coming to a close, creepy crawlies are still something you’re going to have to worry about for a little while longer. Whether they’re spoiling your outdoor get-together or buzzing around when you’re relaxing inside, it’s completely understandable to want a permanent solution to this problem. Take things one step further and invest in today’s deal, a 2-pack of Electric Fly Swatters from the experts at Gloue. Though these swatters do look like tennis rackets, they pack an electrified punch with tight webbing that kills insects upon impact. If you don’t feel like wielding them in your mighty fist, you can simply leave them in their charging stands for some passive insect killing without the cloying scent of citronella or the potential dangers of deet. Overall, this is a worthy year round investment and one you won’t want to pass up.


  • Stop flies dead in their paths with this 2-pack of Gloue 3000 Volt Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatters with Stands
  • Included: 2x Fly Swatters, 2x charging stands
  • Tightly woven metal webbing delivers a high voltage shock to any insect that comes in contact with the surface!
  • Works as an active fly swatter or as a passive insect killer when left in its charger
  • Versatile – perfect for indoor or outdoor use!


  • Rechargeable bug zapper rackets with 3000 volts of power that kills mosquitoes, flies, and other flying pests
  • Each racket includes a 1,200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and USB charging cable
  • Three-layer safety net construction
  • Large surface area makes it easier to target pests
  • Use at night by placing the racket(s) in the included stand and plugging into power to turn on UV light to attract pests
  • Fun video of these can be seen Here
  • Racket Dimensions: 8" W x 14" L x 1" D

What’s Included?

  • 2x Gloue 3000 Volt Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter/Zapper
  • 2x USB Charging cables
  • 2x Stands


90 days

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