Zoe Ayla Professional Micro-needling Derma Roller

Meet Zoë Ayla’s Remarkable New Beauty Treatment: Micro-Needling Roller!
This finely made tool is a precision instrument safely designed for at-home use. This spiky wonder tool uses safe stainless steel needles to gently micro-exfoliate and create the appearance of smoother, plumper, firmer-looking skin.


When rolled over the skin, the Zoë Ayla’s Micro-Needling Roller does two things:

  • Allows for better penetration of products, thanks to tiny pinpricks that work almost like canals, allowing your products to reach deeper into the skin.
  • Creates micro-injuries, which tell your brain to kick into repair mode. This prompts your body to send collagen to the epidermis.


  • Allows for better penetration of your favorite beauty products
  • Stimulates your skin to produce more collagen - the key to radiant skin
  • Reduce the appearance of scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduces age spots and stretch marks
  • 0.5mm long micro-needles


Gently roll the micro-needles over your skin, and cover all desired areas. Use once a month or every seven days if your skin can tolerate weekly treatment

included in the box

1x Zoe Ayla Professional Micro-needling Derma Roller


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Tuesday, October 29th - Monday, November 4th

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