Warm & Cozy Snuggle Mat Blanket With Pillow

Introducing the Warm & Cozy Snuggle Mat Blanket with Pillow—a versatile and plush companion perfect for playtime, nap time, or cuddly moments anytime, anywhere.


  • Versatility at Its Best: From playtime adventures to cozy nap sessions, this Warm & Cozy Snuggle Mat Blanket with Pillow is the perfect companion for various activities
  • Multi-functional Design: Lay it flat to transform it into a spacious play mat for imaginative adventures, or use it as a snug blanket to keep warm during sleepovers or movie nights
  • Luxurious Comfort: Crafted from plush fabric, this blanket provides an irresistibly soft and cuddly feel, ensuring maximum comfort for your little ones
  • Playfully Stylish: Adorned with whimsical corner details and featuring an attached pillow, this blanket boasts a charming character design that kids will love
  • Cozy and Warm: Whether it’s for lounging, snuggling, or catching some Z’s, this blanket offers a comforting cocoon of warmth that your child will adore
  • Convenient Portability: Lightweight and portable, it’s easy to carry along for outings, vacations, or trips to grandma’s house, ensuring comfort wherever your adventures take you
  • Effortless Maintenance: Machine washable for easy cleaning, this blanket ensures hassle-free maintenance, so it’s always ready for the next adventure


Color: Rainbow
Material: Micro Plush
Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
Fill Content: 100% Polyester Fiber
Fabric Care: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low; Do Not Iron; Do Not Dry Clean
Throw Dimensions: Approx. 50"L x 60"W
Pillow Dimensions: Approx. 30"L x 20"W

What’s Included?

  • 1x Warm & Cozy Snuggle Mat Blanket With Pillow


90 days