Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush

Need a quick fix to taming your out of control locks? Bring out the true style in your hairdo with the Vivitar Simply Beautiful Volumizing Hair Brush. Great for all sorts of hair textures and lengths, this unique styling tool features 180-degree smoothing technology to curl, straighten, or added much needed volume to dull and mundane hair.

Make your styling routine creative and fun with this hair brush that tames frizz caused by humidity resulting in shinier and smoother hair that is very gentle to the touch. The dual temperature setting on this styling tool ensures your hair never receives any heat damage or split ends caused by overheating. Maximize the time you have in your usual prep routine with this brush’s quick and convenient heat up process and easy on/off switch so you can achieve salon quality results and be out the door in minutes!

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  • Outstanding temperature range produces a variety of looks
  • Achieve salon-quality results straight out of the comfort of your home
  • For all hair types
  • 2 heat settings to avoid overheating hair
  • Tames frizz caused by humidity resulting in shinier and smoother hair


1 Year Vivitar


Verified Purchase

Dosen’t blow air just heats

Similar to a heating tool, except has bristles. Very hard plastic that hardly pick up hair. I would rather have the blow drying brush.

Written by @rossdonnag - September 7th 2019
Verified Purchase

It not working

Written by @nusrathafeez - November 5th 2019

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