Vivaspa Whole Body Vibration Machine w/Bluetooth Speaker & Resistance Bands


Perfect for your New Year’s resolution and a fun way to intensify nearly any workout in the comfort of your own home.

  • Gentle vibrations move throughout your entire body, creating an efficient, effective and safe way to stimulate muscles and bones, burn fat, lose weight, and restore neuromuscular balance
  • It’s great for improving circulation, muscle strength, sports training, weight loss, muscle building, promoting blood circulation and reduction of the stress
  • 99 levels of adjustable speeds and digital LCD display
  • Includes remote control for switching routines and intensity easily
  • Suction cups keep the unit secure to any type of floor
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker to play your workout tunes
  • Anti-slip coating on the surface to ensure safety
  • The vibration platform also includes resistance bands for more versatile routines.


  • 1x Whole Body Vibration Machine
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 2x Resistance Bands

Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, March 2nd - Monday, March 9th

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