VivaSpa Handheld Multi-Node Percussion Body Massager


  • Relax at the push of a button!

  • Deep Tissue Massage: percussion massage effectively relieves muscle fatigue, tension, & pain.

  • Interchangeable Massage Nodes: each massage node offers different options to enhance blood flow.

  • Adjustable Modes & Speeds: to focus on the intended body part with customized pressure

  • LCD Display and Settings

  • Long Handle for extended reach

  • Nodes Included:

  1. Intensive Massage Node: revitalizing stimulation on reflex points for large body parts such as the back and waist
  2. Needle Shape Massage Node: suitable for stimulating your acupuncture points, can be used for massaging your acupoint intensive areas like palm, sole, and calf
  3. Salient Point Massage Node: suitable for making acupressure or shiatsu massage
  4. Curved Massage Node: snug body fit and cobble-inspired pressure for arm, shoulder, thigh, and calf areas.

Included In The Box

  • 1x VivaSpa Handheld Multi-Node Percussion Body Massager