UVBrite 18.6 oz Insulated Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Confidently drink water wherever you go with the UVBrite Go self-cleaning water bottle. It gives you an easy way to drink clean, purified water on the go without resorting to buying disposable water bottles. Its beautiful and sleek design houses UVBrite’s exclusive UV-C purification technology that reduces germs by up to 99.99%, all while keeping the inside of the bottle stink-free.


  • UV-C Purification:
    • State-of-the-art UV-C technology built into the UVBrite Go bottle’s cap destroys 99.99% of harmful viruses, bacteria, and microbes in just 180 seconds.
    • The UVBrite UV-C technology has been extensively lab-tested and found to be effective.
  • Two Purification Modes:
    • To ensure that water from most sources is purified, simply press the touch sensor once to active the Normal mode.
    • If water requires greater purification (rivers, lakes, traveling, etc.) press the touch sensor twice to activate the Blitz mode.
  • Safety Lock:
    • UVBrite is equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidental exposure to UV-C light.
    • Unlike other UV Water-Purifying Bottles on the market, this UV-C light cannot be activated once the cap is removed.
  • Quality Construction:
    • Crafted from double-walled BPA-free, food-grade, 304 stainless steel to ensure long-term use and keep your water cold or hot for over 12 hours.
    • Cap features a quartz lens with built-in UV-C LED light
    • Silicone gasket provides a leakproof seal


  • Normal Mode cycle time: 180-seconds
  • Blitz Mode cycle time: 300-seconds
  • Capacity: 18.6 oz
  • Up to 50 purification cycles per charge
  • USB-C charging

What’s Included?

  • 1x UVBrite 18.6 oz Insulated Self-Cleaning Water Bottle
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x User Guide


90 days

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