Tarhong Cobalt Casita Designer Coasters & Matching Napkins Set

Inspired directly from the beauty of Mexican pottery, these blue and white hand-painted patterns come together to create a casual mix-and-match table setting.


  • Each set includes 80 large premium napkins and 8 coordinating coasters to make a statement at your next dinner or brunch
  • From the Cobalt Casita Collection - Rich cobalt blues have flourishes, flowers, and medallions that come together making them a beautiful year around option
  • Set includes four 13" x 13" Premium 20-packs of paper napkins, totaling 80 individual napkins
  • Set includes two 3.9" x 3.9" four-packs of melamine coasters, totaling 8 coasters

What’s Included?

Tarhong Cobalt Casita Napkins (80 Napkins)
Tarhong Cobalt Casita Coasters (8 Coasters)


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Thursday, Jan 27 - Tuesday, Feb 1

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