TAO Whitening At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

We’d all love to have whiter, brighter teeth, but a trip to the dentist’s office can be both expensive and time-consuming, and whitening solutions can often make teeth extremely sensitive and uncomfortable. TAO Whitening At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit is a complete kit for getting a dazzling smile without spending hundreds of dollars and hours in your dentist’s chair. This easy-to-use system lightens teeth up to 5.8 shades lighter in just 8 consecutive 15-minute treatments, with noticeable results as soon as 5 applications from the first day.


  • The TAO Whitening At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit comes with two easy-to-use preloaded double-barrel TAO Whitening syringes and eight disposable mix tips that will combine the ingredients and activate the solution upon application
  • A cruelty-free hydrogen peroxide solution does the whitening, and a gentle desensitizing ingredient helps with the discomfort that can accompany teeth whitening for some people
  • The flexible silicone mouthpiece keeps you comfortable during the whitening process, and it comes with a hard storage case to keep it clean and sanitary when it’s not in use
  • Thanks to the double-barrel TAO Whitening syringes and the included disposable mix tips, the key whitening ingredients are kept separate until you fill the flexible silicone mouthpiece. This means that you’re getting the whitening solution onto your teeth when it’s in its most potent state, and there’s no need for an LED light

Included in the box

  • 2 Hydrogen Peroxide Syringes
  • 8 Syringe Tips
  • TAO Whitening Travel Bag
  • Silicone Mouth Piece
  • Mouth Piece Case
  • Instruction Manual


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, December 16th - Thursday, December 19th

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