Star Shower Ultra Motion Laser Light Projector

The holidays are here and ‘tis the season to decorate your home but string lights are a struggle. Hanging lights is really hard work and takes too much time. Untangling them from the box is painful and going out in the cold high up on a ladder quickly makes your joyous ho-ho-hos turn into bah-humbugs. When one bulb breaks, you need to check them all! Worse yet, during the day, your home’s appearance is ruined by ugly wires everywhere.

But not anymore! From the number one laser decorating brand in the world comes the brand-new Star Shower Ultra 9 Laser Light Show, now with an incredible NINE different beautiful decorative light patterns for you to choose from. Star Shower Ultra 9 is the ORIGINAL laser light system that immerses your entire home from top to bottom with a galaxy of THOUSANDS of spectacular red and green lights! And it’s so easy! Just plug it in and turn it on. Your home can transform from dull to dazzling with a magical three-dimensional light field of beautiful crisp bright lights. Better yet, with Star Shower, you can have lights way up high on your house where no string light could ever reach. Star Shower even works on shrubbery and trees - higher than you could ever reach - making your home and yard look more festive than ever! Star Shower Ultra 9 covers up to 3200 square feet. For spectacular results use two or more Star Shower Ultra 9 units!


  • Ultra 9 with nine different light patterns to decorate your home for the holidays in seconds
  • Projects thousands of stars on your home, up to 3200 sq. ft.; use two or more for spectacular results
  • Three color combinations of red, green, and combination red and green, plus three motion modes of still, motion, or blinking

what’s included?

  • 1x Laser Light Projector
  • 1x Lawn Stake


90 days

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