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Shoe-Pourri Shoe Spray (6oz) with Poo-Pourri Travel Spray Gift Set

Shoe-Pourri is an odor stomping blend of cedarwood, eucalyptus and grapefruit essential oils that help eliminate shoe stink! Shoe~Pourri is the natural shoe odor eliminator that REALLY WORKS. Shoe~Pourri is specifically designed to destroy odors on a molecular level by actively reacting with the bad smell molecules. It uses mal-odor neutralizing essential oils and natural enzymes to eliminate smelly shoe odors.

Also included is a 5-piece travel-friendly set of fragrant sprays to help you out “in a pinch”!


  • Two Bottles of Shoe-Pourri Spray (4oz & 2oz)
  • 5-Pack In-A-Pinch Travel Sized Set (4ml each)
    • Original Scent lemon, bergamot and lemongrass
    • Trap A Crap Cedarwood & Citrus
    • Lavender Vanilla Scent: lavender, vanilla and citrus
    • Déjà Poo Scent: white flower and citrus
    • Royal Flush Scent: eucalyptus and spearmint


In the box

4oz Shoe-Pourri Shoe Spray (200 Uses)
2oz Shoe-Pourri Shoe Spray (100 Uses)
5x 4ml Poo-Pourri “In-A-Pinch” Sprays (3-5 uses each)


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