Rekonect Customizable Magnetic Notebook with Calendar Pack


Rekonect is the first magnetic customizable notebook

  • Blending modern technology with the classic style of a traditional notebook
  • Enables users to remove, rearrange and reconnect individual pages
  • For ultimate flexibility, organization and creative thinking

Rekonect is your book, your way

  • Write, sketch, design, journal, list it’s all up to you
  • Add a page, reposition it, remove it
  • Change Rekonect’s format as often as you change your mind
  • Must for home and office
  • An innovative and memorable gift idea
  • For teachers, aspiring writers, grads, and work colleagues
  • Perfect for birthdays or as a thank you

Rekonect features a unique design

  • Hard-shelled, faux leather exterior
  • Includes a convenient storage pocket on the inside back cover
  • High-grade band that wraps around the notebook
  • Unique spine contains a series of magnets
  • Allowing the sheets to adhere to the notebook
  • While offering easy page turning, removal or shifting of the pages
  • Lays open flat
  • Paper is perforated for optional easy permanent removal
  • Comes prefilled with 55 pages of lined paper
  • 58 sheet (116 page) customizable Calendar Pack


  • Material: iron, rare earth magnets, vegan leather
  • Dimensions: 8" x 5.5” inches with 55 sheets
  • Care:
    • This product contains magnets
    • Safe near most electronic devices
    • Always research your specific device
    • Regarding using this product in close proximity
  • Available Colors: purple, gray, blue or black

What’s Included?

  • 1x Rekonect Customizable Magnetic Notebook
  • 1x 55 pages lined paper
  • 1x Calendar Pack


90 days