Pocket Hose Silver Bullet II Top Brass As Seen on TV (50 ft)

Things that used to be big and bulky now fit in your pocket, even your hose!

From the makers of the #1 expandable hose in the world comes another amazing invention, the Pocket Hose Silver Bullet.

The new Silver Bullet is the hassle-free hose. Just turn on the water and watch the silver bullet grow from pocket size hose to a supersize hose. It’s the best hands-free hose that grows!

Once you’re finished, just turn off the water and it will shrink back to a super-light pocket hose again.


Lead-free Connectors:

  • Designed with lead-free connectors that make the garden hose suitable for drinking and supplying water to animals

Expandable Hose:

  • Expands to a full-size water hose when you turn the water on
  • Shrinks back down to a pocket hose when you turn the water off

Durable Outer Shell:

  • Exclusive bullet shell outer casing won’t snag, tear, or wear
  • Inner tubing is kink-proof


  • Super-lightweight and easy to maneuver around your lawn and garden

Pocket Hose Holder:

  • Easily store and protect your hose with the pocket hose holder


  • Material: High-grade, machined-aluminum

What’s Included?

  • 1x Pocket Hose Silver Bullet with Jet Nozzle As Seen on TV in the size of your choice


90 days