Plush Creations Inflatable Large Art Easel

Your child will have fun for hours painting their own masterpiece with this durable art easel. It can be anchored with its builtin water chamber so it will not blow away in the wind. It’s large enough for two children to paint at once, and a neat activity at parties and backyard events.


Large Inflatable Art Easel

  • Use this washable easel as a giant whiteboard surface to paint on
  • Surface is large enough for 2 children to paint at once
  • Easy to wash off with a water hose
  • Without the hassle of using a bunch of paper towels

Sponges, Brushes, & Paints

  • Set includes 4 different colored paints with a paintbrush
  • Also comes with an additional set of 4 fun sponge stamps
  • Easily add decorative touches to any work of art
  • It’s extra durable and works great both indoors and outdoors

Premium Material

  • This kids art easel is an art station
  • Made of Heavy Duty vinyl material and will hold up to hard play from kids
  • This easel can be anchored with its built-in water chamber
  • Easy to inflate with air pump (not included)
  • Can be deflated easily as well
  • Stays inflated for many days but can easily be stored away when not in use

Gift and Party Item

  • Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, barbecue or any other kid-friendly events
  • This is the best art station for kids to have an afternoon filled with fun
  • Easel is an awesome and creative way for your children to have fun for hours
  • It is also a good choice as a gift which will make any child happy


  • Material: vinyl
  • Measures at approximately:
    • 39 inches (L) x 27 inches (W) x 50 inches (H)
  • Care: hand wash

What’s Included?

  • 1x Plush Creations Inflatable Large Art Easel
    • 4x Different colored paints
    • 1x Paintbrush
    • 4x Fun sponge stamps


90 days

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