Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Remove more tooth-decaying plaque and avoid cavities with the Philips Sonicare 2 Series 2 plaque control rechargeable electric toothbrush. The snap-on ProResults plaque control brush head features curved bristles to match the shape of your teeth for a superior clean.


  • The most loved rechargeable electric toothbrush brand
  • Removes up to 6x moves plaque than a manual toothbrush
  • Comes in a sleek Coral White color
  • Patented sonic technology
  • With up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute, dynamic fluid action helps clean between teeth and along the gumline
  • Smartimer encourages 2 minutes of brushing as recommended by dentists
  • Easy-start feature slowly increases power over the first 14 uses making the switch to Philips Sonicare easy
  • An ergonomic handle with intrinsic grip making it easy and comfortable to hold
  • Two-color battery charge indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge


  • Dimensions: 3.74" (D) x 9.29" (H) x 6.73" (W)
  • Weight: 1.21 lbs

What’s Included?

  • 1x Philips Sonicare 2 Series Rechargeable Toothbrush
  • 1x ProResults Plaque Control Brush Head
  • 1x Charger

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